Our NEW series of Indoor Fitness Boot Camp courses

Would you like to join one of them? Read below to see if they would suit you:

1.   You like the idea of a Fitness Boot Camp where you work hard doing challenging exercises in  a fun and enjoyable environment.

2.   You like the fact that it is a course, where each week the instructor tailors the exercises so as to improve your fitness, your strength and your endurance on a gradual basis. 

3.  You like the fact that the instructor pushes you hard while at the same time actually looking after you, watching to see that you do things properly and don’t injure yourself. We’re able to do this because we strictly limit the numbers on each course to a MAXIMUM of NINE people. That means that you get lots of individual attention.

4.  You like the fact that you will not be outside getting wet, cold and muddy. Instead you do it in a civilised environment, indoors in one of our luxury studios with air-conditioning and/or heating, with towels readily available, water when you want to stop and have a drink. In other words you get all the benefits without all the discomforts and it also means that you have much less chance of picking up injuries by over-working cold muscles.

If, from what you’ve read, you feel that you are that sort of person, then you would certainly enjoy our Indoor Fitness Boot Camp courses  and what’s more, you would get a great deal of benefit from them.

There are three boot camp courses to choose from at different times during the week, so there is a time to suit everyone.



Introductory Welcome Offer for new clients. First course only £30

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