Nigel Denby, Dietician – Expert in nutrition

Eat better - feel better


Nigel Denby is a registered dietician, author of ten successful nutrition books and a broadcaster across television and radio both in the UK and across Europe. He was voted Dietitian of the Year 2013. He is a specialist in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), cholesterol-lowering, menopause  and  women’s hormonal problems (PMS) & (PCOS).

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Nigel Denby only conducts a clinic in South Northamptonshire twice a month, once at Wellbeing Fitness Towcester and once at Wellbeing Fitness, Brackley.

You can book online below or if you would prefer to book over the phone, you can call

Towcester on 01327 351110 or Brackley 01280 700001

Once you have booked, Nigel will call you personally well before your appointment time, in order to talk to you. The conversation will last up to 15 minutes and during this time, he will be able to gather infomation and discuss your symptoms. That way he will be thoroughly prepared for when you meet him for your face-to-face appointment.

An initial appointment with Nigel will cost £75.00.



Nigel Denby: Dietician. How he works:

His special areas of clinical interest are menopause and women’s health,  irritable bowel syndrome and digestive health, as well as cholesterol lowering.

“ I’ve seen so many people who’ve been suffering needlessly,” Nigel says.

Conventional treatments focus too often on managing the symptoms of these problems rather than looking at the causes. Sorting your diet out can often be the start of taking control of how you feel. Together with Nigel, he’ll get you to eat better and feel better.

You don’t just have to put up with it …

  • 15% of UK adults suffer with the pain and anxiety caused by IBS
  • Menopause is knocking too many womens’ confidence- just when they need it the most
  • PMS and PCOS are making too many younger women miserable
  • More people die of heart disease than any other condition
  • Almost half the population are struggling with their weight

You will work together with him, using nutritional science and robust evidence to devise effective, realistic dietary plans for your lifestyle.

  • Manage your irritable bowel syndrome - reduce your bloating, pain and discomfort and get on with your day
  • Get hot flushes under control, improve your concentration, vitality, mood and energy levels
  • Break the cycle and monthly misery of PMS
  • Control your PCOS instead of it controlling you
  • Lower your cholesterol instead of taking statins



What Nigel treats:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Bloating, abdominal pain, unpredictable bowel and gas.

A systematic approach to relieving this widely misunderstood condition. He will design a package of care with you, which considers your stress levels, gut flora integrity, your tolerance of fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPs) and the mechanical action of your digestive system. Step by step, your care will be adjusted to meet your very individual needs.


Women’s Health and Hormonal Care

Menopause – Mood changes, hot flushes, headaches and fatigue, “fat back” and upper-body weight-gain.

Whether you use HRT or not, your diet can make a significant change to how you feel throughout your menopause. By understanding your lifestyle, your symptoms and your dietary patterns, between you, he can help to stabilise some of the fluctuations in your hormones which may be exacerbating your flushes, mood, cognitive function. If your body is changing shape you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to get back in control. You really don’t just have to put up with it - there is so much you can do to make things better.

PMS - Mood changes, sugar cravings, headaches, bloating.

Most PMS symptoms are hormone-related and can be exacerbated by fluctuations in your blood sugars. You’ll learn how to eat to stabilise your blood sugars using low-glycaemic carbohydrates. You’ll be given simple, practical advice to eat the right foods to manage your emotions and mood during the days leading up to your period.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – weight gain, hirsutism, oily skin, raised cholesterol

PCOS can affect so many aspects of a woman’s health. The key to managing the syndrome is to stabilise hormones and to maintain a healthy weight. You’ll get all the support you need to help you understand your condition and how you can gain back control. Improving your resistance to insulin will help you to manage your weight which in turn can relieve or in some cases reverse the symptoms of PCOS.

Cholesterol management - coronary heart disease risk

Having too much cholesterol in your blood increases your risk of the UK’s biggest killer: coronary heart disease. Statin drugs are prescribed by doctors to lower cholesterol; they are also available over the counter. They can have some unpleasant side effects. But did you know that a daily combination of just a few cholesterol-lowering foods can equal the “Statin effect” on your cholesterol? Just 12 weeks of a simple dietary change can bring your cholesterol down by 10% - the same as most statin drugs.


And if you need a little more help?

Nigel works with some of the UK’s leading consultants in gastroenterology and gynaecology and can arrange referrals as required.

He also refers to expert health-professionals specialising in acupuncture, tailor - made HRT, menopause - related hair loss and dermatology, counselling and psychotherapy.  He also will work closely with us at  Wellbeing Fitness to devise exercise plans to meet your health needs.