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One day, a flyer landed on my doormat advertising a health and fitness assessment. I’m retired and although I’m quite healthy I’ve had a few twinges recently, which I put down simply to the effects of age. But it got me thinking – just how fit and healthy am I?
I must admit I was a bit nervous when I went in – after all, what were they going to find? But I needn’t have worried. I sat down and had a chat with a very nice young woman called Kate who put me at my ease straight away. I didn’t feel as if I was being judged – the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed.

She did a few basic things like take my height and weight – and then my blood pressure. She calculated my Body Mass Index, which turned out to be not bad (let’s just say it was a little on the high side!) But my blood pressure was bang-on normal – so that was a relief. Then she got me to lie down and explained she was going to stick some little pads on my hands and feet. She then connected these to something called a Body Stat Machine which almost instantly reported a number of very interesting statistics. They included what percentage of body fat I have (some of which I gather is hidden deep inside), how much water I have in me, and then my “resting metabolic rate”. What that last one means is exactly how many calories I need to consume every day without putting on weight. Everybody’s different but now I know the number, which applies to me personally. After that, I had some tests to find out my lung capacity, my flexibility, how efficient my balance is (which becomes more important the older you get apparently) and things like muscle strength and movement patterns.

Overall I was very pleased with the result although there are obviously some areas where I need to improve. But now I know exactly what they are. What’s more, they didn’t do any hard selling with me. Everything was very professional – but above all friendly and welcoming. I would certainly recommend them.



Do you know what we’re talking about? Do you feel as healthy as you used to be years ago? Can you do the same sort of things physically? The answer is almost certainly “No”. We all find that with the years we slow down. And there is also that terrifying statistic that I’m fond of quoting: from the age of 30, our muscles slowly but surely start to deteriorate.

The good news is that it’s possible to do something about it and reverse that effect. But you need to know just how healthy and fit you actually are.

Wellbeing Health and Fitness Assessment

Our Wellbeing Health and Fitness test does exactly that. In our private consultation room and using state-of-the art equipment combined with a number of well-established physical tests we will establish the following: weight, height, blood pressure,  Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat (both the external and internal, hidden visceral sort). Also your hydration and resting metabolic rate (calorie requirements). In addition we look at your flexibility, ability to balance, movement patterns and muscle strength. Finally we explain the test results and discuss positive changes that you might wish to make.

The assessment is an hour in length and costs £60. All we require is that you wear loose comfortable clothing.

The Wellbeing Fitness assessment is a very good barometer to test just how fit and healthy you really are.


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