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Wellbeing Fitness is firmly established in the area of Towcester and Brackley as a high-quality centre for injury therapy and massage. We employ five full-time therapists and now offer the following:

Deep Tissue Massage

is excellent for alleviating pain arising from muscular tension, stress, overworked muscles and excessive exertion. It is good for correcting poor posture, which is often caused by over-tight muscles. Everyone can benefit from a regular deep tissue massage, particularly if you are over 40, when general flexibility in the body starts to decrease. You can either have a full-body massage or if you feel particular areas such as legs, back, neck  or shoulders need attention you can discuss this with the therapist at the start of your session.


Relaxing Massage

In these busy times in which we live, stress is one of the most common of all conditions. Rather than go to the doctor for a prescription, often a relaxing massage is the answer. It will relieve stress and tension and leave you with a great feeling of wellbeing. Through this type of massage, your circulation is improved so that your skin and muscles get more oxygen, it moves fluid through your lymphatic system, helps you to digest food better and gets rid of toxins. It also soothes the muscles and - as an added benefit, will help you sleep better too.


Injury Therapy Treatment

This is for issues connected with particular areas of the body where we assess your injury or problem. The treatment will include massage and rehabilitation exercises. There will be after-care and advice plus “homework” to do between sessions. It helps to relieve pain and improve movement or ability especially after an accident such as a pulled muscle, a sports injury or a fall.

After you've had a massage or treatment at Wellbeing Fitness, you'll be amazed at how well you feel!



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