Deep Tissue Massage Treatments at Wellbeing Fitness

Over the past six years Wellbeing Fitness has become established as THE centre for massage therapy in Towcester and the surrounding area and now employs five full-time therapists. Deep Tissue massage is excellent for alleviating pain arising from muscular tension, stress, overworked muscles and excessive exertion. It is good for correcting poor posture, which is often caused by over-tight muscles. Everyone can benefit from a regular deep tissue massage, particularly if you are over 40, when general flexibility in the body starts to decrease.

So what good will this type of massage do you?

Well, to start with, it’s a brilliant way of improving your wellbeing WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANY WORK YOURSELF! And that’s always a bargain in this busy, stress-filled world!

It’s also an excellent way to prevent injury when you do exercise. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy actually works deep into the muscles but you always leave feeling far, far better than when you went in.


Here are just a few of the conditions we treat:

Muscular pain and tension
Sore Shoulders

Stiff neck

Postural strain & imbalances

Painful disorders of joints & muscles



Arthritic pain
Back, Neck & Shoulder pain


Your appointment will take place in our fully equipped, private treatment room and unlike most massage sessions it will last for a full 45 minutes. This gives our therapists the opportunity to provide a better, more detailed treatment. You won’t feel that you are simply being rushed in and out.

Because we are dedicated to providing the highest possible service, if you are not seen within five minutes of your appointment time, you get the session free. We know that people lead busy lives and you don’t want to be hanging about waiting for OUR convenience. Here at Wellbeing Fitness we put the client first.

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