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Wendy copy 2Wendy English, who enrolled on one of our previous Pilates courses for the first time, made notes after each session and then shared it with us so that you could have a snapshot of her experience. Here they are:

Session 1. Today was difficult. I was all over the place wobbling about and feeling stiff and lumpy. But Kate (the Pilates teacher) was encouraging even though I felt so drained. However I did leave the building a more energetic and positive person - an absolute bonus to feel less stressed.

Session 2. Thought I would spring into shape with new leggings. I thought I would treat myself to new legs. Big decision - am I up for lycra legs or go baggy cotton? Feel sleek and contained in lycra but best not let the husband see. SO a shopping spree. Gosh, those tiny labels are hard to find in garments, discreet in seams with minute info for fabric content. Even with my glasses it was a challenge to find pure cotton. Quite fun though, on a leg mission, until you get to the changing room. Big mistake wearing lace up pumps, takes ages, tried loads and of course take one above my real size, for flexibility, shrinkage and diet!

Session 3.  Today’s class, I felt like a squeaky sofa wading through treacle Fortunately my wonderful teacher completely understood how and why I was struggling. I left the studio feeling much better than I started. Well Being!?  Session 4. Just when you thought everything was lovely, Kate gave us not one but TWO new poses. That was when fun went out the window. Had to breathe, balance AND remember all at the same time. I was trying SO hard, hanging on to my breath which made it all harder of course, until Kate told me to relax. Well easy-peasy, so I thought!. THEN I had to mirror image them with opposite arms and legs....!!! Got into a right old muddle - battled on and managed it in the end. Kate said she would not have given them to me to do if she thought I couldn’t do it. Trust does work.

Session 5. The more I attend sessions the more I reap the rewards of steady progress AND enjoy it. The power of focus and concentration is not to be under estimated Encouragement from a six-year old - she asked me how my Well Beans were?

Session 6. Bumped into Sally today. She asked if I had been on holiday I looked so well!!! I felt so proud of myself for making the effort to continue attending the course. I told her all about the Wellbeing Studio.



All our previous series of Pilates courses sold out very quickly. They proved so popular because many people want to do Pilates (it’s a fantastic exercise regime and improves your strength and flexibility) but they are put off for two main reasons.

Does this apply to you?

You don’t like the idea of turning up new to a class where everyone except you, seems to know what they are doing.

You don’t like the idea of going to a huge class with 20-plus people where you only get perhaps one personal word of advice from the teacher during the whole session.

People like coming to Wellbeing Fitness because:

We offer luxury air-conditioned/heated studios: a special 5 star environment with all the equipment provided that you need including mats, blocks, towels and water.

It’s conveniently situated with free parking.

Our courses are capped at a maximum of NINE people so you get lots of individual attention. And everyone starts at the same level – right at the beginning.

The Pilates courses have a mix of people who have never done Pilates before and those who have already had a little experience and are keen to improve on the basics. The first session is devoted to re-capping on the foundation techniques that you need to have firmly in place in order to improve. So

if you are a complete beginner, you don’t have to worry: this course is right for you.



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