Wellbeing Fitness is proud to have large numbers of satisfied clients, people who have often come to us thinking that nothing or no one can help them. They’ve tried gyms in the past and given up, or bought equipment for their garage which quickly lies unused gathering dust! The combination of friendliness and motivation that we provide means that people tend to stay with us – and in the process get fitter and healthier.


Peter Smallwood (46)

photo-150x150I started going to Wellbeing Fitness to get fit for a large motor-race at the Nurburgring this year. The plan they gave me included both fitness for endurance and concentration, plus weight loss.
The individual, one-on-one approach has really helped me enormously. We spent time discussing my needs with the nutritional advisor and that provided the perfect balance for my lifestyle: it allowed me to eat sensibly whilst getting on with life as well. Eating more regularly, eating better and a focused but not over- the-top exercise regime has meant I’ve steadily lost 21 pounds in weight in less than 3 months.
The trainers have taken me to fitness levels which allow me to be able to meet my goals whilst racing. They focus on my needs rather than a one-size-fits-all-type plan, whilst making all the sessions enjoyable.For someone of 46 years old, who spends most of his time behind a desk, this seemed a huge task to undertake but it’s been relatively easy due to the support and efforts of the team at Wellbeing Fitness.

Caroline (59)

093-1I signed up for personal training in January 2011 on my 59th birthday. I thought I would only do a few classes just to give it a go, but 10 months later I am still having 2 sessions a week and thoroughly enjoying it. I can honestly say I feel younger now than I did 10 years ago and when friends and family begin to notice it gives you such a boost. I recently spent a week in the Lake District walking and climbing (to the top of hills, not rock climbing!). Walking has never been a problem but climbing those hills………no that was for fit youngsters

. How wrong could I be? This time, I managed heights I never thought were possible and saw scenery I had only been able to imagine before. So I would like to thank all the guys at Wellbeing Fitness for helping me achieve a level of fitness and stamina, confidence and self-belief to enable me to do something I thought was always beyond my capability.

Take it from me, you’re never too old to start on a fitness regime………go on give it a go; you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.”

BRIAN (56)


BrianBefore I came to Wellbeing Fitness I’d never been to a gym in my life. In the dim and distant past I had done a bit of sport but then life got in the way. I was busy at work and busy at home so I never had time to do exercise. And so I got fatter and more unfit. The wake up call came when I had a mini stroke. I recovered from it fairly quickly but I decided that if I wanted to live to have a healthy and active retirement I’d better do something about my fitness. So in fear and trembling I put myself in the hands of the guys at Wellbeing Fitness. I couldn’t believe it. They were open and friendly, they didn’t treat me like an old cripple, we had a laugh and the exercises they gave me were fun and enjoyable. And what amazed me was that I actually improved. I’ve lost weight and I can now do things that I’ve not been able to do for years. I feel healthy and fit: it’s incredible. I can honestly say that my visits to

Wellbeing Fitness are the highlights of my week.

Julie Moorby – Aged 44 (just)

Julie Moorby Well as some of you may appreciate getting to my age having had 3 kids
(twins included in that), and spending the last 20 odd years, juggling
bringing the kids up, looking after a home and working, the last thing I
thought of was myself !!
Now the kids can manage without me ( well more than they used to) I found I
had a little more time for me…. Unfortunately this meant having the time to look in the mirror and see what the years had done to me ! Feeling

deflated by the sight of the person looking back at me from the mirror, (yep
everything had started to head south) I realised I had to do something totry to lift certain bits and pieces!! and improve my over all fitness.

The answer I thought was to try to do more exercise so: – I bought a running machine – that lasted about 3 weeks then the novelty
wore off !
– I joined the local gym – that lasted a wee bit longer than the running
machine, but I was soon making excuses not go !!
– Exercise classes with my friend .. Yeah !! Finally something I can keep

up, till my friend dropped out and I lost motivation to go on my own.

Everything I tried I got bored of and just did not have the drive to

Then I had flyer come through the door advertising Wellbeing Fitness…..
One on one training etc …. There were a few short messages on the flyer
from members who had joined feeling just like I did and who no doubt had
tried all the above just like me!!

So I decided to take the plunge, what had I to lose! I was greeted by a
really friendly chap (Ian) and we had a very informal chat regarding what I
was wanting to gain and what they could offer me. Feeling a little sceptical
about whether this was really for me, but not wanting to let this nice chap (Ian) think I had just been wasting his time, I decided to join there and then and with his advice booked in for 2 sessions a week.That was 5 months ago, and I’m still going, why have I managed to keep this up where other methods failed?Well…I’m not a number, I’m a name. I am not judged on my shape or fitness (lack of that is) and I now have someone to motivate me, show me how to use that alien gym equipment and gain the best from it. I’m not left on a running machine but given a variety of exercises and equipment to use, which keeps me interested, I don’t get pushed hard to d

o things I am encouraged, and without realising it week on week the intensity has increased.Things have stopped heading south! (although they are still not back to their most northern position) My energy levels have increased and I no longer feel out of breath when running up the stairs, I am now doing things I never dreamt I was capable of, which may not anything amazing to some people but it is to me.

I will be honest I still occasionally get up and try to think of excuses
not to go (might be something to do with me booking my sessions for 7am and
not being a morning person) but I cant let those lovely people down in the
gym, although it would be myself I’m letting down really, once I’m there I
throughly enjoy myself.I cant praise the staff enough they are all so friendly, helpful and
encouraging and I would like to thank them all for turning my life around
and making exercise fun, not something to be embarrassed about or scared of.

Brenda Duggan

261858_156963467705099_5099489_n[1]I started personal training about a year ago, intending to do a package of 27 sessions, improve fitness and leave it there. Job done!It didn’t quite work like that. I felt so much better after each session that when my 27 sessions were up I signed up for a further 50 and then more again and I’m still going. I can’t see a point at the moment where I won’t be training at least twice a week. I love it. Wellbeing Fitness really is the best fitness studio I have ever joined. I was never comfortable in big gyms. Everybody here is really friendly and very professional and takes our fitness very seriously but in such a friendly way, you don’t realise they are pushing you to your limits. As well as Personal Training I started classes just before Christmas, which I originally did not fancy but Ian persuaded me to have a go. After one session of Circuits I was hooked and I now enjoy a different class most days of the week. Classes are small and friendly so everyone gets proper guidance.Now, after training for a year, I am fitter and stronger than ever before, and maybe just a little bit addicted.Thanks to everyone at Wellbeing for helping me get fit.

Pat (41) 


I have joined several classes at different gyms over the years and given up after a while because I seemed to be just a number amongst a crowd of other numbers. Either the classes were so large that I never knew if I was doing the exercises correctly or that the instructor just couldn't be bothered.

I signed up for one of the new Pilates courses at Wellbeing Fitness and
the minute I walked through the door it felt right; welcoming, cosy and personal. The instructors work hard at keeping you motivated, but there is also a lot of fun and light-hearted banter between us all. They are all a dedicated bunch helping each individual get the best out of every class.

Vince Roe

46631_463144513753963_2146056710_nI joined Wellbeing Fitness primarily to lose weight but I soon realised that it would help me keep motivated if I set myself a sporting target to achieve. I am now 43 years old and the days of playing rugby have long gone so, with my wife being a keen runner, I though I would give that a go, which is quite amazing in itself as I always hated the running part of the training when I played rugby all those years ago!

My target was clear, it was now May and I had watched my wife run the Milton Keynes half marathon in March and whilst watching and thoroughly enjoying the fun which goes with these events, a little part of me wanted to have a go. So that was it, my target was set and off I went. I told the guys at Wellbeing Fitness, who must have thought that I was mad, as I will still over 25 stone at this point and they set me a training plan which would help me with my running.

Progress was slow and hard. The first few runs were more walk than run but I was determined and with the personal training I was having, I started seeing results, so much so that I completed my first half marathon in September of that year, followed by a kilo marathon (26.2km) the following week!(six months ahead of target!) I set a target for both of these runs to just make sure that I ran the whole way without walking, which I managed to achieve. Again with the encouragement of the trainers at Wellbeing Fitness I decided to push myself way beyond anything I thought possible for me and I got a charity place to enter The London Marathon for April
2011.After putting in lots of hard work and visiting the physio at Wellbeing Fitness quite a lot, I managed to cross the finish line in 4 hours 28 minutes, I ran the whole way. A massive personal achievement which I would never have been able to do with the help and support from Wellbeing Fitness. The massive feeling of personal achievement was so amazing and topped with the fact that I had raised over £4000.00 for Children With Leukaemia, I was, and still am, so proud of what I have done but I will always be aware that I couldn’t have done it alone!

John (48) 


For years I have dabbled with various “keep fit” regimes. I joined countless gyms: some very posh some not so. I bought weights and a bench, a rowing machine and even a cross trainer. The gym memberships lapsed, the exercise equipment gathered dust and I got progressively unfit - as did my bank balance! As a last-ditch attempt I joined Wellbeing’s Boot Camp course. I love it!The personal attention the staff give you makes you feel a proper member of the health studio and not just a number as so many of these larger establishment do.



 Left to my own devices in a gym, I will get to a certain level of fitness and then 'cruise' or lose interest.  I wanted to make a commitment to getting fitter, especially as I have a desk job, so I embarked on a personal training programme at Wellbeing Fitness and it has been brilliant. The programme changes often enough to keep me engaged with what I am doing, and is never repetitive which suits me perfectly. There is always a new challenge and the programme certainly keeps me on my toes! I feel fitter, healthier, more toned, and have lost weight as a result. I really do enjoy my sessions too. The team is great and I have a good laugh as well, something I would never have expected to do in a gym! Thanks ever so much Wellbeing team for making fitness, fun AND effective.


I was on my way home from a boot camp when I stopped off at Well Being Fitness – I was on a high and signing up at a gym seemed like such a good idea. Without a doubt I picked the right place to stop – I have had nothing but encouragement and support from all the trainers. I am really enjoying my sessions and love the way that you are not tied to a certain trainer because that means that you get a good variety of different work-outs. I haven’t lost masses of weight but have most definitely lost inches and gained self-confidence. I’m coming to the end of my first ten weeks and will be signing up for more sessions and also intend to give the classes a go. A big thank you to all at the gym for the help and encouragement you give.


My husband trained with Ian for a while and booked me a package to help me get fit after having my daughter. I have been personal training at Wellbeing for 9 months and feel fantastic. I may not have lost huge amounts of weight nor be the fittest person about, but it has really toned me up, made a massive difference to my energy levels, and yes my wellbeing! I have a busy life, and making time to train and go to classes gives me the energy to do everything else. All the staff are friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere at classes is so different to my experience at other gyms – so that I actually want to go and don’t feel intimidated! Thanks to all the team at Wellbeing fitness for their help and motivation.


When I first started my training at Wellbeing, I was shy and did not have
much of confidence in myself. I thought initially that I may not keep this up, but eight months later I’m still here! All the staff at the Wellbeing are so friendly and there is a positive atmosphere feeling.
I am feeling the benefits from my training session, I feel more toned and have more energy.
Thank you for keeping my motivation going.

Lucy Blunt (43)

I was amazed reading all the things [in the Weight Loss Report] about losing weight that simply aren’t true. I started following the advice in the report and with the help of the Wellbeing Fitness team I’ve already lost 8lbs in three weeks!!”

Diane Cox

Personal training sessions have given me more energy, both physical and mental.The gym is light and airy and always clean. All the staff are friendly and full of encouragement.They make sure the exercises are tailored to your needs and that you do everything correctly and safelyThe routines are changed regularly so they don’t become boring but remain challenging.What’s more, it’s fun!


I have been doing fitness classes at the gym for about 6 months now, having initially been dragged here by my friend who did not want to go alone! Before my first class I was very worried that I would not be able to ‘hack the pace’ – however I soon realised everyone is able to train at their own pace. As I work full time and have a young child I find it very hard to get motivated to go to the gym most evenings. However I am glad I have made the effort once I get there. The coaches are fantastic and really make you work hard (some more than others!) and I have met lots of people in the same boat as me. I have found the fitness classes more helpful than other places that leave you to your own devices as I am not a great fan of working out alone. Although I can only manage two or three classes a week I can definitely see a difference, even if that is only the fact that I am slightly physically fitter! I really enjoy coming to the gym (once I’m there!) and hope to be able to commit more time to working out after the New Year.


Who is 65, has been a client of mine of three years now and has been coming to circuit training and having personal one-to-one sessions for several months.

I can understand that people feel apprehensive. I’ve never been particularly sporty. At each stage of my training I’ve felt that maybe this was a step too far. I remember a friend laughing out loud when I said I was going circuit training and when Ian suggested I start doing personal training, I thought, ‘No this is not for me. I’m not that sort of person’. But it has quite literally changed my life. I can’t describe how incredible I feel. I’ve never been fitter – at least not for thirty years. I’ve got more energy, I’ve lost weight round my waist, I getup every morning just raring to go. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

TimSullivan (51)

I’d been a bit worried about my weight sitting down all day and I’ve been intending to do something about it for ages. But when I got Wellbeing Fitness’s 7 MYTHS ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT – REVEALED, it kickstarted me to finally doing something about it. And it was easier than I thought.”

Adam Wood (50),

I have been going to weekly Pilates at Wellbeing Fitness for about 18 months now. I am 50 and have neither the shape nor the athleticism you’d expect of someone who goes to a gym. I really enjoy it and I’ve gained loads from going – I feel better and I’m much more flexible now. I can even touch my toes which is a novelty I haven’t known for a long time. I don’t always manage to go each week (because of work commitments) but I’ve stayed with         it. Why not give it a go? You might be surprised!

Colin Price

I used to have a love-hate relationship with gyms. I knew I should go, I enjoyed the feeling of being fitter and more active, but my problem was I found gyms mind-numbingly boring. With limited direction and zero encouragement I joined others wandering aimlessly from one piece of equipment to the next hoping it was doing some good. At wellbeing fitness it is totally, TOTALLY different. From the moment you join you aretreated as a friend, not an inconvenience. I really enjoy working out in the one to one sessions.

I get the help andencouragement I need to get the most out of my visits from the knowledgeable instructors. Now at the age I am (54) I feel fitter and more toned than I have been in years, and it gives you a great feeling when friends and family comment on how well you’re looking if you want to get fit, I would definitely recommend Wellbing fitness.

Jon Love

For years I have dabbled with various “keep fit” regimes. I joined countless gyms: some very posh some not so. I bought weights and a bench, a rowing machine and even a cross trainer. The gym memberships lapsed, the exercise equipment gathered dust and I got progressively unfit – as did my bank balance!

About a year ago a friend suggested I try a free taster session for a class at Wellbeing and I can say I have never looked back. The studio is spotless as are the showers and changing rooms. The friendly staff keep me motivated and it is very rare for me to miss a training session.  I have four classes a week: three circuits and one spinning. The personal attention the staff give you makes you feel a

proper member of the health studio and not just a number as so many of these larger establishment do.

The fact you pay a one-off fee for as many classes as your body will cope with is perfect for me as I am as tight as they come! There are classes throughout the week, both day and evenings to fit your personal circumstances

My work has benefited too.  My concentration and energy levels have increased and that equates to higher productivity. So on reflection my boss should pay my subscription!!

I would recommend anyone who wants to get fit in a friendly but motivational environment to get in touch – you will not regret it!

Richard Trent (48)

I don’t have time to go to a gym but I wanted to get fit. So when I saw that Wellbeing Fitness were offering home training I gave it a go. They are a well established, reliable company who give excellent service. I wasn’t disappointed.

Simon (44)

Life starts at 40 thanks to the Wellbeing team!

Four years ago I had one of those mad moments: we’ve all been there, sitting in a pub, we may be a little worse for wear, when some bright spark makes that suggestion: “Why don’t we run a Marathon”. What a great idea!!!

The morning after, you wake up and reality hits. What did I just agree to?

The reality was, I was 20 stone and would struggle to walk a mile let alone run 26 miles, and a gym was the last place I wanted to be.

This is where Wellbeing stepped in; meeting Ian allowed me to build my confidence about going back to the gym, getting back into training in the privacy of my own space, setting me little goals but always keeping a focus on the big picture. Wellbeing set out a training plan to firstly lose weight and build confidence.  After a few months of personal training, I was able to go from not being able to run 1 mile to entering my first race (10km (6 miles) Daffodil run at Kelmarsh.)  The Wellbeing team tailored my training to get me to the start line and get over it relatively unscathed!

What a day! My first running medal! Not only did I run the whole race (and didn’t finish last) but I was then confident to join the classes offered by Wellbeing. This allowed me to tone down my personal training but keep up my gym experience, taking part in Pilates, Circuits and Spinning.Wellbeing being has

allowed me to experience some of the most amazing days of my life:

2008 My first experience of fun runs / road races.

2009 My first ½ Marathon, followed by 4 more.

2010 My first Marathon in Venice. This is something I will never forget; possibly the hardest thing I have done in my life (so far). This was shortly followed by another one within the same year.

2011 What another year – I was lucky enough to get into the London Marathon. This was one of those days you have to keep pinching yourself, and if it wasn’t for the wonderful team at Wellbeing I would have never experienced it.  A massive thank you also goes to Louisa (Wellbeing physio) because 4 weeks to race day I couldn’t walk.  Louisa worked her magic (or should I call it excruciating pain??) always being honest with me, but never giving up. She got me to the start and I did the rest.

I didn’t stop there: 2011 also saw me completing 3 triathlons (1 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride and 6 miles run).

So why stop there?! 2012 will be a ½ ironman (1 ½ mile swim, 50 miles bike ride and a ½ Marathon) and 2013 a full ironman (1 ¾ mile swim, 100 mile bike ride and a full marathon).

I have Wellbeing to thank for this. What I love about them.

The personal touch – allows my training to fit around me and helping me plan towards the next goal
Being able to change my training –  by doing personal training when I feel like it, but then being able to alternate with the classes as and when I like; not being tied into a yearly contract.
Having different members of staff training you – which allows for variety on the same theme.
Offering an environment that makes you feel comfortable in your own ability.
Finally when it all goes wrong, Louisa is there to patch you up and get you back on track.
I can’t thank “the Wellbeing team” enough; they have planned, trained, and supported me every step working towards my goals.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

Tim Bartlett

At 61 I recovered less quickly than I hoped from two operations to fix a detached retina – my brain still thinks I am 21. I was told I must not ‘lift anything heavier than a kettle’  for several weeks.  No summer rowing on the River Nene, therefore. I also discovered that, somewhere along the way,  I had lost some confidence in my ability to get my fitness back on my own. And that’s where Wellbeing Fitness filled the gap – Ian was gently persistent in signing me up and then he and his colleagues have cheerily made me do what I needed to do, but wasn’t quite motivated enough to do alone.  After a few sessions, I was confident enough to get back ‘on the water’ (as we rowers say), keeping up with the rest of the people in the boat;  enjoying the rising sun burn off the early morning mists of autumn. Job well done. 

Pat K

I have joined several classes at different gyms over the years and given up after a while because I seemed to be just a number amongst a crowd of other numbers. Either the classes were so large that I never knew if I was doing the exercises correctly or that the instructor just couldn’t be bothered.
I was not overly enthusiastic when a friend told me that a new gym had opened in Towcester, but I went along for a look anyway.
The minute I walked through the door it felt right, welcoming, cosy and personal. I got a guided tour around the gym and had all the options explained to me and was hooked from then on in. I have been going three times a week to circuit training, for the last eighteen months or so, after trying various classes to see what suited my needs most. The classes are kept deliberately small, which means you get to know everyone very quickly. The instructors work hard at keeping you motivated, but there is also a lot of fun and light hearted banter between us all. They are all a dedicated bunch helping each individual get the best out of every class. It took about a month for me to realise that I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was, but my energy levels are much higher now and I find I can achieve so much more not just in the gym but also outside.

PS I am 62 proving you don’t have to be young and fit to start improving your lifestyle.

Julia Stanford (54) Blisworth Northants.
“I’ve done Pilates before and often the teaching can be quite variable. But when I joined the class at Wellbeing Fitness, I realised I was in the hands of an expert. With the small numbers, everyone was friendly and I was made to feel very welcome. I really look forward to my Pilates class every week.

Rachel (38)

When I first came along to Well Being Fitness I signed up for a spinning class and pilates, I was in no doubt I needed to get fitter. The classes were brilliant and really increased my enthusiasm for exercising on a regular basis. Left to my own devices in a gym, I would get to a certain level of fitness and then ‘cruise’ or lose interest and I wanted to make a commitment to getting fitter, especially as I have a desk job. So I embarked on a personal training programme and it has been brilliant. The programme changes often enough to keep me engaged with what I am doing, and is never repetitive which suits me perfectly. And I always find that what seems impossible at the start, is achievable by the end. There is always a new challenge and the programme certainly keeps me on my toes! I feel fitter, healthier, more toned, and have lost weight as a result.I really do enjoy my sessions too (despite what I might be saying at the time!), they are a real treat. The team is great, and as a terrible giggler I have a good laugh too, something I would never have expected to do in a gym! Thanks ever so much Well Being team for making fitness fun AND effective.



Having never been a lover of Gyms (I am by nature an outdoor kind of person) I ventured into Wellbeing Fitness with some trepidation. I had been putting off calling in for weeks. Usual excuses, to busy, to self-concious, to worried about how I’d look in my gymwear. So I gave myself a good talking to and called into Wellbeing Fitness where I met Ian, who was so good at putting me at ease

I look back now and think what was I worried about! I decided to go on a 10 week plan which included a fitness test, a couple of sessions with Sian (their nutritionist) and of course the hard bit 2 sessions a week with a personal instructor. To say the Team at Wellbeing Fitness are motivational is an understatement, I have had great encouragement and support from everyone I’ve met. Sian was great at helping me to make small changes to my daily routines and eating habits which have helped me to lose some weight, I feel great, I have loads of energy and friends are beginning to comment on how well I look. I can’t thank her enough for her support and positive comments. Of course then comes the hard bit EXERCISE but with the help of the Instructors it’s actually quite enjoyable (can’t believe I just said that while sitting in bed writing this with my leg muscles aching from squats and lunges) yes they do make it fun and enjoyable. They coax, support, advise, answer all my questions and make my sessions go so quick, I always leave feeling great and looking forward to the next session. So for that I say a big thank you to everyone at Wellbeing Fitness.


Amanda (49)

I’ve been going to Pilates on and off for years and I’ve always found it very beneficial – it’s a fantastic form of exercise. But then a friend who’s done a Sports Science degree told me that although Pilates is good, by itself it doesn’t get you fit overall, particularly in cardio vascular terms. She suggested I do some personal training. As it happened I’d had a flyer through the door from a place in Towcester called Wellbeing Fitness and they were offering free consultations. So I went along. Sure enough, my friend was right. Wellbeing Fitness do offer Pilates classes but the Fitness Consultant recommended I try personal training. So I decided to give it a go.

To say I was amazed after my first session would be an understatement. I loved it. The trainer was friendly and encouraging and I felt a real difference. I’ve been doing it for nine months now and I can’t see myself stopping. I’ve also joined one of Wellbeing’s Pilates classes so I get the benefit of both forms of exercise.

Thank you Wellbeing Fitness – you’ve made a real difference to my “wellbeing”!!

Sue Walker

I have been personal training for nearly a year. I was initially apprehensive whether I would be able to manage the intensity not having stuck to a fitness regime for a few years. I need not have worried. The PT at Wellbeing Fitness is excellent and keeps me motivated to do this twice a week. I cannot thanks the guys enough for their help.