Beginners Fitness

Beginners Fitness is for people who want to do something a little more energetic than Pilates but are not ready for the full-on exercises of Boot Camp. So it’s NOT for people who are fit!

The course starts from absolute basics, using gentle exercises that get the blood moving and the muscles toned but which don’t leave you exhausted and aching. Through the six weeks the exercises gradually increase in intensity to match your increase in fitness levels so that you get stronger and develop your stamina without the pain! It is a perfect complement to Pilates.

Everyone does the same exercise at the same time and because the group is small the instructor adapts them according to what suits each individual member of the class.

Beginners Fitness is ideal for people who have done absolutely no exercise through to low/intermediate fitness levels. A really great way to start doing some training and begin to do what all the doctors tell you – get fitter!!



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