Level 3 Personal
Training Diploma

Our September course is now  FULLY BOOKED but we are taking bookings for the course starting in January 2021

You can gain a Level 3 Personal Training Diploma through the Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre in Towcester, Northamptonshire.

Do you want to be a Personal Trainer?

We are now taking bookings for the course which starts on Sunday 10 January 2021 and ends on 21 March 2021, with a half term break on the 21 February 2021. It is taught on 10 Sundays between 3.30 and 8.00 pm

Cost: only £1495

To get the best price for the course, you can  pay £1495.00 as a one-off payment. Alternatively you can pay SIX monthly instalments of £275.00 or TWELVE monthly instalments of £149.00

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Nationally recognised

This is a nationally recognised qualification, validated by the international validating body, ThinkTree Hub.

Wellbeing Fitness is the leading personal training organisation in Northamptonshire. We train up to 800 clients a month and employ 13 full-time personal trainers. You will be learning from highly qualified professionals  in a real-world environment.

What’s more, you are guaranteed professional insurance so that the day you pass and get your certificate you can start practising.

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A worthwhile career

Becoming a personal trainer is something that qualifies you for a very worthwhile career. It is very different from a “gym instructor” where you are merely on hand, often in a busy gym where you are required to do little more than show people how to use the machines. Personal training couldn’t be more different. You have a client who you see on a weekly (or more) basis and you design programmes for them to fit precisely into what they need and what they want to achieve. At the same time, you get to know them, you develop a rapport and more often than not, they become like friends. This not only makes the job endlessly fascinating but it also develops you as a person.

With people these days becoming more and more aware of the need to improve their health and fitness, personal training is an expanding employer market. At Wellbeing Fitness for example, we started ten years ago with only two personal trainers – now we have thirteen!

The Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre

Wellbeing Fitness has been in business for ten years now. We have always prided ourselves on offering a first class, private service in luxury surroundings for discerning clients. And the same standards are applied to the Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre.

And the validating body is ThinkTree Hub, the professional association service for the healthcare, education, wellness and wellbeing industry. At the end of the course you will have a recognised Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training – and what is more, FREE OF CHARGE, your first year’s insurance which will enable you to practise anywhere in the UK.

Not only that but you will be a member of ThinkTree Hub with a whole raft of benefits to aid you in your new professional career.

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Our Director of Education, Ian Spiby spent 18 years as a Head of Department at Northampton University and so is in a perfect position to oversee the rigorous standards of the course.

Kieran Sharpe who is the Course Director has long experience and qualifications for delivering the personal training courses – and was recently awarded an “outstanding” grade in an OFSTED inspection.

What our Managing Director, Ian Ryves, has to say:

“As a very practical person, I wanted to make sure that our courses were suitable for practical people – people who want hands-on experience which will actually equip them to do the job by the end of the course – not just weeks of theory which doesn’t seem to bear any relationship to real life. So with this in mind I have kept an eye on it to make sure it achieves those objectives. And I am so convinced of its practical value, that I have appointed Wellbeing staff to contribute to the course, offering their invaluable experience of the issues involved in the actual day-to-day workplace.”

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The Wellbeing Fitness
Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

The Wellbeing Fitness Diploma in Personal Training is a fully accredited  Level 3 qualification aimed at developing the knowledge, understanding and technical skills needed for a career as a personal trainer, either employed or self-employed. This qualification is based on the national standards for personal training and was developed collaboratively with Thinktree Hub, the International Professional Association service for the education, healthcare, wellness and wellbeing industries.

What does this qualification offer?

The content of this qualification is comprised of all the required elements needed to work effectively and efficiently as a personal trainer. This includes anatomy and physiology, professional practice, an understanding of the principles of health and fitness and how to conduct personal training sessions. The Level 3 personal trainer  will be able to design and structure sessions and programmes specifically targeted to meet individual client needs and requirements.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff are all highly qualified and experienced and our Course Director, Kieran Sharpe recently received the award of “outstanding” in an OFSTED inspection


We are now taking bookings for the course which starts on Sunday 10 January 2021 and ends on 21 March 2021, with a half term break on the 21 February 2021. In addition to the Sunday sessions, students will be expected to do homework, which is available on our special online hub.

Entry Requirements

To join our personal training course you must be over 16 years old, physically able to do the work and have good communication skills. There is no upper age limit, with mature students especially welcome.

No pre-qualifications are necessary

Course Study

All study material will be provided to help you prepare for the practical training. In addition, you will be required to do home study, with all materials provided via our online training hub

Why choose this course?

Our aim in teaching you on this course is to prepare you by the end, to be as ready, prepared and confident to take your place in the industry as a personal trainer as it is possible to be. This could be working as an employee with another organisation, as a self-employed practitioner setting up on your own or even as part of our team at Wellbeing Fitness. To do this, we have a number of added-value extras that most other companies are unable to provide.

Unlike many training providers, including further education colleges, Wellbeing Fitness is an organisation that provides personal training and sports massage to actual clients, delivering over 800 sessions per month. So you will be trained by a company at the heart of the industry, who are offering personal training and therapies to real clients. We employ 13  personal trainers and we are always looking for talented newly-qualified therapists and personal trainers to join our team. We prefer to offer jobs to our former students before advertising more widely. As part of the course we hold regular clinics attended by our clients where under supervision you can put your new skills to the test and gain some invaluable real-life experience. Thus you will get to practise on a range of ages and body types and receive feedback from the clients themselves.

Because we are part of the wellness industry we are also able to offer opportunities for work-experience and/or shadowing our personal trainers in order to extend the range of your experience and expertise while engaged on the course.


The cost of the course is £1495.00, which will include your registration and tuition.

To get the best price for the course, you can  pay £1495.00 as a one-off payment. Alternatively you can pay SIX monthly instalments of £275.00 or TWELVE monthly instalments of £149.00

So what do I do now?

If you’re interested in the course and/or want to know more about it, fill in your details below and click on the “Submit” button. We will then send you a copy of the Prospectus and an application form. If you have any questions that are not covered by the Prospectus, you are welcome to email us at headoffice@wellbeingfitness.co.uk

However, if after reading the Prospectus you decide to apply, fill in the application form and send it by email to:


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