Success Stories

The best way of getting to know what a business is really like is to listen to what the customers say. Here are some of our client stories

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Merry’s Story

Like many of our clients, Merry as an older person came to Wellbeing Fitness with the express purpose of not only maintaining but increasing her level of fitness as the years go by. Having trained at a number of gyms with personal trainers, why did she finally settle on Wellbeing Fitness…

Mark’s Story

When most men are thinking about putting up their feet and dozing in front of the fire, Mark at 70 decided to go back to the dangerous sport he used to pursue. Wellbeing Fitness enabled him to do it…

Liz’s Story

Liz battled with ill health for many years but rather than simply accept what many people would regard as an inevitable decline, she decided to do something about it. Wellbeing Fitness helped her on the road, not just to recovery, but to health and fitness.

Jeff’s Story

Jeff was the managing director of a major company and like many people in his position, he led an incredibly stressful life. Also, like most people in his position, his health and fitness was the last thing he thought of. But he had a wake-up call when a major heart condition led to a near brush with death. It was only then that he contacted Wellbeing Fitness for help. Listen to what he has to say…

Jana’s Story

Jana and her husband regard their attendance at Wellbeing Fitness as a life-insurance policy but they have to make sure they don’t nullify it during the sessions by having fun and laughing too much …

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